Day 13: little time travel

Heya, I’m still alive but was without internet the last week. And not just without internet, without my notebook aswell.

It is time for a first design draft! I already have some ideas – spacy it has to be and wonderlandish, too , but a visual output has to be done within the next days. I hope I can start programming next monday!

Stay tuned, folks!

Day 5: Odyssee through a labyrinth

Last week I worked at a childs camp. One adult told me about labyrinths and “Irrgarten”. The book I’m reading talks about labyrinths as well. But that’s not what the writer meant. A labyrinth is mostly a roubd thing you wolk counter clockwise –  against the time. It is walked as a meditation. From the start to the middle in a winding way but without misleading ways. Sometimes the way out from the middle is straight and fast, sometimes a labyrinth as well. What the book is talking about is the “irrgarten” walls as high as a man and confusing pathes. They were build for entertainment for the rich ones living in castles. In movies or books they should iritate the enemies or treasure hunters.
In our times you can still find “irrgarten”, a lot of them in the internet. Webpage design should support the content. But with the need of eye catching (I wrote about yesterday) designs the functionality has to step back.
How can i combine functionality and a great design? Do you have ideas? My first thought was a timeline inspired design, two columed. Like the two sides of a brain: one side for creative post about my art and craft stuff and the other side more logical, thoughts about life and about the things I see around me.

How would you combine beauty and functionality on a blog design?

Day 4: it’s all about looking good

True in many ways. How you look id very important these days. And not just how you look but how things look in general. Could be, because people don’t have much time. They hurry from appointment to appointment. You can measure this by zhe amount on coffee to go stations everywhere or the raising brands of frozen premade foid in the stores. No time for nothing! So if you want to draw the little left attention to you or your product, it has to look stunning great. It hase to look new and different than the rest – eye catchers everywhere!
Do I want my blog to look great and steal your expensive time with a extraordinary design? Maybe… I want you to read and comment my stories, yes,  but I’m not going to write “fastfood” stories. I will spend my time to write here about my busy time – moments if reflection.

Let’s see what the following days will bring. Have a nice day and try to take some time off just for you!

Day 3: on the train station


6:30 – Morning inspirations from the train station. It is half past 6, rainy but quite warm. I’m on my way to Itzehoe by train… The destination is denmark, Farnö, for a one week of doing nothing, reading and geocaching.
It is very calm outside but the train is a mess… Traces of the party people – some are still inside the train, talking about is totday already tomorrow or does tomorrow starts after sleeping no matter of time. I can listen their stories of the night, the leftovers of stories they’re not remembering anymore and how fast time can pass by on a toilet while beeing drunk.  Sounds like an every weekend time travel experience.
I have to change trains in 15min, too little time to start reading or put some music on – think i will continue listening the young time travelers. Later , I will have time for my book time travel to the far futur.

6:55 –  failed in reading skills. I am at the wrong train station. I’m ta central station feankfurt but my next train is leaving at Frankfurt Süd. Hurry! I can get a train in 3min at the other side of the station departint to Frankfurt Süd…

7:11 –  I’ve made it! 20 minutes till the next train arrives. Some time to think about blogging. This is my final post of the first blog-block.  The last two days I resumed why I want to blog. Tomorrow, the design phase will start. Think I’m ready!
I won’t have interne up there, so I have plenty of time for creative thinking about my blog design. I’ve some ideas already ! When I find wifi I will update you. So, have a nice week!

7:34 – the next train, the next drunk younger ones. The last stories where amusing but those? More disgusting and stupid… Very low level! Luckily I have time enough for music and my book now!

9:05 –  I’m on my train to Hamburg-Altona. Got a place to sit without reservation, lucky! Now I have about 3h till the last train change. It’s an ICE and it is nicly quite here.

10:27 – not as lucky as I thought. I had to give up my place as it was reserved from Göttingen till Hamburg-Altona. A big group of young girls took over the train. Girls camp on their way to Sylt. Their number must be close to 100, divided by groups of different coulored hats.
But I think I found a new place. Hope it is not reserved for someone else.

12:27 – followed by the girls camp i got a place in my last train. They have reserved half of the wagons and the rest is growded by people and luggage. But it is sunny and warm outside and in an hour I will arrive and meet the others to travel together to Fanö by car.

How are your train experiences?

Day 2: brainstorming about happiness

It was my first post here, when I said my life is a happy one. But what is happiness for me? And what made it happy?
Going back in time some years, this was one question in my German test for abitur. I hated this question and my answer was more about black painting than happiness. Maybe because i had to refer to Goethes Faust and Fontanes “unterm Birnbaum”. I like those two books, each in itself, but they are not about happy people, not happy in the way I think happy is happy …
So, today I asked this question again “what is happiness in my life” I wanted to used my foto galeries for brainstorming but I stored all my pictures on an external drive to get free space on my notebook … and I’m not at home in Mainz, I’m with my grandma in Saarbrucken. Here I help at a childrens camp this week. And next week I’m going to Danmark for 8 days to relax together with my boyfriend and two other friends. So, no picture brainstorming yet. Maybe I’ll add a picture collage later, as I have so many pictures in my head I would like to use. Pictures about friends and me at metal concerts and festivals, or the great community of the online radio “Metal Only”, pictures from my best freind an me backpacking in sweden, and us two cooking a 10-courses-menu, pictures of our afternoon meetings called “tea-partys” at university because we were drinking tea while sitting outside in the sun. Tha would be the big pictures, and there are some little moments, no one would make pictures about … like succeding to tie a freindship band like back in the primary school, or jogging for 5km for the first time without diing ( I’m not that big runner girl, not yet…), baking a cake without getting bured my the oven – and things like that, there are a lot more I cannot remember because there are no pictures about, and the human brain allways remembers the bad things best, sadly!
So, this are the things I want wo blog about: the big happy moments and the lot more tiny ones.

What are your happy moments, or what is happiness for you? Are you happy, or are there dark clouds over your road? I would like to hear your opinion on this!


Day 1: it’s all about destinations

Every journey needs a destination. Sure? My boyfriend wrote me this quote from Alice in Wonderland that I really love:

Alice: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
“I don’t much care where–” said Alice.
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.
“–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,” Alice added as an explanation.
“Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”
(Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 6)

I think, life is very much like this quote. I don’t know which roads I will choose tomorrow and so I don’t want to set a defined road for this blog. What do you think? Could this work? I hope to hear from you, folks

Let the Journey begin!

Welcome! Great to have you here, how did you find me?

This is my very first blog post and I want to tell you what this is all about and what you can expect to find here the next days.

But first, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a physics student from Germany, located in the beautiful little town called Mainz, near the City with the big airport (Frankfurt). I live pretty close to the studios of our second TV channel, but first and last time i visited their studios I was in Kindergarten; kinda long ago as I am about to enter the second third of my life soon, but not too soon!

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