Day 5: Odyssee through a labyrinth

Last week I worked at a childs camp. One adult told me about labyrinths and “Irrgarten”. The book I’m reading talks about labyrinths as well. But that’s not what the writer meant. A labyrinth is mostly a roubd thing you wolk counter clockwise –  against the time. It is walked as a meditation. From the start to the middle in a winding way but without misleading ways. Sometimes the way out from the middle is straight and fast, sometimes a labyrinth as well. What the book is talking about is the “irrgarten” walls as high as a man and confusing pathes. They were build for entertainment for the rich ones living in castles. In movies or books they should iritate the enemies or treasure hunters.
In our times you can still find “irrgarten”, a lot of them in the internet. Webpage design should support the content. But with the need of eye catching (I wrote about yesterday) designs the functionality has to step back.
How can i combine functionality and a great design? Do you have ideas? My first thought was a timeline inspired design, two columed. Like the two sides of a brain: one side for creative post about my art and craft stuff and the other side more logical, thoughts about life and about the things I see around me.

How would you combine beauty and functionality on a blog design?

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