Day 3: on the train station


6:30 – Morning inspirations from the train station. It is half past 6, rainy but quite warm. I’m on my way to Itzehoe by train… The destination is denmark, Farnö, for a one week of doing nothing, reading and geocaching.
It is very calm outside but the train is a mess… Traces of the party people – some are still inside the train, talking about is totday already tomorrow or does tomorrow starts after sleeping no matter of time. I can listen their stories of the night, the leftovers of stories they’re not remembering anymore and how fast time can pass by on a toilet while beeing drunk.  Sounds like an every weekend time travel experience.
I have to change trains in 15min, too little time to start reading or put some music on – think i will continue listening the young time travelers. Later , I will have time for my book time travel to the far futur.

6:55 –  failed in reading skills. I am at the wrong train station. I’m ta central station feankfurt but my next train is leaving at Frankfurt Süd. Hurry! I can get a train in 3min at the other side of the station departint to Frankfurt Süd…

7:11 –  I’ve made it! 20 minutes till the next train arrives. Some time to think about blogging. This is my final post of the first blog-block.  The last two days I resumed why I want to blog. Tomorrow, the design phase will start. Think I’m ready!
I won’t have interne up there, so I have plenty of time for creative thinking about my blog design. I’ve some ideas already ! When I find wifi I will update you. So, have a nice week!

7:34 – the next train, the next drunk younger ones. The last stories where amusing but those? More disgusting and stupid… Very low level! Luckily I have time enough for music and my book now!

9:05 –  I’m on my train to Hamburg-Altona. Got a place to sit without reservation, lucky! Now I have about 3h till the last train change. It’s an ICE and it is nicly quite here.

10:27 – not as lucky as I thought. I had to give up my place as it was reserved from Göttingen till Hamburg-Altona. A big group of young girls took over the train. Girls camp on their way to Sylt. Their number must be close to 100, divided by groups of different coulored hats.
But I think I found a new place. Hope it is not reserved for someone else.

12:27 – followed by the girls camp i got a place in my last train. They have reserved half of the wagons and the rest is growded by people and luggage. But it is sunny and warm outside and in an hour I will arrive and meet the others to travel together to Fanö by car.

How are your train experiences?

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