Day 2: brainstorming about happiness

It was my first post here, when I said my life is a happy one. But what is happiness for me? And what made it happy?
Going back in time some years, this was one question in my German test for abitur. I hated this question and my answer was more about black painting than happiness. Maybe because i had to refer to Goethes Faust and Fontanes “unterm Birnbaum”. I like those two books, each in itself, but they are not about happy people, not happy in the way I think happy is happy …
So, today I asked this question again “what is happiness in my life” I wanted to used my foto galeries for brainstorming but I stored all my pictures on an external drive to get free space on my notebook … and I’m not at home in Mainz, I’m with my grandma in Saarbrucken. Here I help at a childrens camp this week. And next week I’m going to Danmark for 8 days to relax together with my boyfriend and two other friends. So, no picture brainstorming yet. Maybe I’ll add a picture collage later, as I have so many pictures in my head I would like to use. Pictures about friends and me at metal concerts and festivals, or the great community of the online radio “Metal Only”, pictures from my best freind an me backpacking in sweden, and us two cooking a 10-courses-menu, pictures of our afternoon meetings called “tea-partys” at university because we were drinking tea while sitting outside in the sun. Tha would be the big pictures, and there are some little moments, no one would make pictures about … like succeding to tie a freindship band like back in the primary school, or jogging for 5km for the first time without diing ( I’m not that big runner girl, not yet…), baking a cake without getting bured my the oven – and things like that, there are a lot more I cannot remember because there are no pictures about, and the human brain allways remembers the bad things best, sadly!
So, this are the things I want wo blog about: the big happy moments and the lot more tiny ones.

What are your happy moments, or what is happiness for you? Are you happy, or are there dark clouds over your road? I would like to hear your opinion on this!

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